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CaLEAP Energy Strategies Workshop

CaLEAP conducted two Energy Strategy workshops for local governments for the purpose to identify energy technologies and strategies best matched to critical facilities and assets, which enable them to become more resilient to energy disruptions.

ICF International and EnerNex co-facilitated the workshops with the goal to provide a menu of choices of energy technologies and strategies that can be deployed to increase resilience in emergencies (disaster scenarios). The workshops provided:

  • Guidelines on how to size energy systems to support resiliency including generators, solar, fuel cells, storage.
  • Best Practices in identifying and prioritizing critical “must run” systems and services.
  • Funding strategies both pre and post disaster events.
  • Lessons learned from recent major disasters.
  • Case-studies of advanced energy systems including microgrids.
  • Provide guidelines to build an energy resilient business case related to capital investment plans.
  • Guidelines on the use of distributed generation (DG) such as solar and gas-fired/hybrid, and/or flex-fueled generators to increase energy resilience.
  • Strategies to minimize fuel dependency.

Slides and WebEx recordings of CaLEAP Energy Strategies Workshops held in June 2013, in Irvine and Oakland.

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June 24, 2013 WebEx Recording June 25, 2013 WebEx Recording
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