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Methodology Document

The foundation of the California Energy Assurance Planning (CaLEAP) project is the creation of a California-specific methodology to help local governments develop Energy Assurance Plans. The methodology will not only guide local governments through the EAP process but will also be the basis on which the web tool will be designed.

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Methodology Flowchart

The CaLEAP methodology was created utilizing the best industry standard information for local energy assurance planning, including the Department of Energy 10-Step Local Government Energy Assurance Framework and Public Technology Institute’s Local Government Energy Assurance Guidelines - Versions 1 and 2. These resources can be found at the LEAP website.

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Forming Your Energy Assurance Team

The CaLEAP team had a Conference Call entitled Forming Your Energy Assurance Team on August 22, 2012. This call was designed to assist our Early Adopter governments with the formation of their EAP Working Groups.

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