Because cybersecurity concerns are usually handled by Internet-focused industries and IT departments, local governments may not typically consider vulnerabilities of computer systems to unauthorized use or attack. However, with the increased use of interconnected, Internet-based technology in the energy industry, and with recent attempts to harm energy sector control systems, cybersecurity is an increasing concern for energy assurance planners. To mitigate the risk of cyber attack, it is necessary to harden computer and information systems by making them less vulnerable to external influences.


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These technologies produce electric power (such as wind energy) and fuels (such as bio-fuels like ethanol from plant material) from sources that are essentially infinite, as opposed to finite fuels such as coal or natural gas.

Smart Grid

The term smart grid refers to a modernization of the electricity delivery system that monitors, protects and automatically optimizes the operation of its interconnected elements — from central and distributed generators through the high-voltage network and distribution system, to industrial users and commercial building automation systems, to energy storage installations, and to residential consumers and their thermostats, electric vehicles, appliances, and other household devices. Some find it easier to grasp the concept of the smart grid as the "Internet for energy" — with hardware and software connected via intelligent communications systems.

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